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State of the Art Processing, Even Though It is Naturally Pure

Tanzamaji has adopted a system of processing, bottling, and distributing to ensure the highest standards in the bottled water industry.

Tanzamaji is processed in a state-of-the-art stainless steel micro-filtration water system to assure and maintain its purity.

The elegant glass bottles are made of the highest quality silica to assure purity and provide recycling capability.

Tanzamaji water is tested and certified by government and ISO-certified labs to assure quality and purity.  In fact, it passes all 180 tests in the WHO-IV water test regime.

Leading the Way – A New World Model

Unlike many business ventures where resources are extracted and taken out of the community for development and use elsewhere, this business venture supports and is supported by the community.

Local people built both the prehistoric water bottling plant in Mwanza and the clean bore-hole water bottling plant in Kigoma.  Many are employed working in the daily operations doing quality testing, plant operations, management, shipping and receiving, sales, distribution, accounting, security, maintenance, trucking and marketing.

In both Mwanza and Kigoma, Tanzamaji, LTD, is fostering economic growth and stability that will lead to a healthier standard of living by:

  •  Improving the health of the local people by providing clean water
  • Creating a sustainable and thriving business in the community
  • Boosting the economic opportunities for the families