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Tanzamaji® Rarest Water on Earth

Tanzania Unveils its latest “Hidden” Treasure

 Mwanza, Tanzania – November, 2016.  Tanzania boasts many national treasures, from the rich wildlife on the Serengeti to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak on the African continent.  It is known as the land of the “hidden” treasure because of its rich deposits of Tanzanite.  Now, Tanzania unveils to the world its latest “hidden” treasure, Tanzamaji® Prehistoric Water, the rarest bottled water on earth.

Tanzamaji is a water as unique as its name.  Coming from the natural fresh water vault found deep in the Rift Valley in Lake Tanganyika, it is the only water known by man to be undisturbed for ten million years.  Located at a depth too deep to circulate, it has remained protected and pure.

Now, through a patented extraction process, this exquisite water is available to experience for the first time.  Naturally, Tanzamaji is perfectly balanced with a delicate taste.  It is perfect alone and pairs well with fine wines or the best spirits.   Don’t expect ordinary water, or, an ordinary price.  This water is premium priced because of its age and rarity, the extreme difficulty in obtaining it, and its humanitarian purpose.

Bottled in Mwanza, Tanzania, Tanzamaji Prehistoric Water is an export product produced to support clean water initiatives and economic development in the rural areas of Tanzania.  To learn more about this effort, visit our website.

Experience Tanzamaji, the rarest water on earth.  Our global launch has just begun.  Tanzamaji is being offered in high-end hotels, boutiques, and restaurants as a beverage alternative for the discriminating palate.

Be the first.  Taste the Past.  Shape the Future.  For more information about the company, the product, the clean water and economic development initiatives, or to order Tanzamaji, visit our website at www.tanzamaji.com.