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Tanzamaji is Water With Purpose

Tanzamaji – Water with Purpose

Tanzamaji Prehistoric Water originated out of a desire to provide clean water and support healthy communities in developing countries.  Using a creative and unique approach, Tanzamaji, LTD, has established a business model that not only provides the much-needed resource, clean water for the locals, but also provides a free-market opportunity to enrich the lives of the people, the community, and the country – all in a sustainable way.

It’s Potable Water, Jobs, and Economic Stability!

Mwanza, Tanzania, is the home of the Tanzamaji ® Prehistoric Water bottling plant, where the premium water from the “vault” in Lake Tanganyika is bottled and distributed world-wide.  The first “satellite” plant is located in Kigoma, Tanzania.  There, clean well water is filtered and bottled in a state of the art facility and then sold to local businesses and individuals for a very affordable price.  For those who are unable to afford even this price, the same clean water is distributed for free for a period of time each day.

The commercial aspect means that even the satellite plant can be self-sustaining,  Profits from the export of the exquisite prehistoric water to buyers around the world will allow Tanzamaji, Ltd., to underwrite additional clean water plants in Tanzania.  As these plants grow and develop their local markets, they will in turn become self-sustaining, while still providing free, clean water to those in need.

When you enjoy Tanzamaji, you’re doing much more than enjoying the rarest water on earth.

You are helping to provide clean, uncontaminated, safe drinking water to the people and to build a strong sustainable business that supports the families and communities of Tanzania.