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Tanzamaji ®-  Exquisite Water with Extraordinary Purpose

Entrepreneurs Driven by a Vision 

BOZEMAN, MT, (DALLAS, TX), Spring 2017 –  This summer, Tanzamaji, Ltd., is launching a new product, Tanzamaji® Prehistoric Water, marking the final step to realizing a vision imagined over a decade ago.  This water, a high-end beverage alternative, is a rare water extracted from the depths of Lake Tanganyika.  It is considered the rarest water on earth.  But, this is not just about water!


Tanzamaji Prehistoric Water is about providing clean water and economic opportunities to support healthy communities in a developing country.    It is an effort and a company as unique as the water itself.


“It’s taken may years to get to this place.  Having partnered with various missionary and relief organizations in Africa for many years, we knew of the debilitating effect to families and communities resulting from the lack of clean drinking water.  We wanted to do something to help, long term.  Our desire became a dream, then a plan, a long journey, and finally a fantastic reality.”  Rebecca R, philanthropist and entrepreneur


A fabulous combination of people, purpose, and possibilities made it all achievable. The magic formula –  Start with the entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit of a chemist/inventor and an engineer, Beda and Rebecca Ruefer.  Add an extreme need for clean water and you have purpose, mix in a freshwater lake with a hidden gem and you have possibilities.   Stir well, jump through hoops, don’t give up and bake until ready for launch.  It’s been a long journey but the fruits of the project have already begun to flourish.


Background: Tanzamaji, Ltd., is a for-profit business venture created in consultation with the Tanzanian government, international businesses, and the local Tanzanian communities.  There are two plants, one in Kigoma providing free drinking water to the community and commercial bottled water to the surrounding businesses.  The other plant, in Mwanza is the home of Tanzamaji ® Prehistoric Water, the high-end water from the “vault” in Lake Tanganyika.   It is the brainchild of two business developers and humanitarians from Bozeman, Montana and Dallas, Texas – Beda and Rebecca Ruefer.  They saw a compelling need as an opportunity to invest in rural communities and its people in order to solve a big problem.


Many of the people of the Tanzanian community of Kigoma lacked easy access to clean drinking water.  Rather than solving the problem with outside aide in the form of monetary donations, this couple decided to take a longer term, more sustainable approach to solving this problem.  Their solution was to provide funding and expertise to develop and create an enterprise that would take care of this immediate need, clean water, and provide opportunities for economic growth and stability – a sustainable solution.


Today, Tanzamaji, Ltd., provides an alternative to the murky and oftentimes dangerous water reservoirs that serve the surrounding rural communities.  How?  The company has built a commercial bottling plant to supply inexpensive and free water to the community.  The water is well water.  It is bottled in 20-liter bottles and sold to local businesses, government offices, and residents.  For those who cannot afford to purchase water, the company maintains clean filling stations at the facility where people from the surrounding area can come to fill their own containers for free.  Within the first year of operation, as word spread around the area, Tanzamaji®, Ltd., had to add an additional filling station.  Currently the plant serves more than 500 families, providing more than 8000 liters of free water per day.”  As one community member said,

“Tanzamaji has brought huge positive impact.  Our community once suffered from cholera and dysentery.  Now this is gone.  The community is using this water.”


But, Tanzamaji is not just free, potable, water.  It is much more.  It’s employment, money for education and healthcare, and an opportunity for locals to participate in solving their needs. The sense of pride that “being a part” of the solution has instilled in the employees is evident in their comments,


“The Tanzamaji company has a great impact on my life; I pay house rent, school fees for my children and other family needs like food, clothing.  To my community, I buy the household needs in the shops surrounding me, enhancing trade activities.  To my nation, I pay taxes every month to the government which in return helps to pay government employees, teachers, doctors, and nurses who deliver services to the community.”  Shaaban M. Shillinde, Mwanza Plant Director


The clean water initiative is supported by the Kigoma plant’s commercial water.  Additional funding to support further outreach will come through the export business located in Mwanza home of Tanzamaji Prehistoric Water -rare and exquisite drinking water from the depths of Lake Tanganyika, estimated to be have been isolated and untouched for 10 million years.


Product:  Water, considered the healthiest beverage on the planet, has interesting and notable characteristics. Consumers have become more discriminating in their choice of water driving this industry of “liquid assets”.   Tanzamaji Prehistoric Water has a TDS of 340 and a pH of 8.2, giving it its subtle, smooth, and natural taste.  It has absolutely no additives.  Tanzamaji is perfect alone and it pairs well with fine wines or the best spirits.   Don’t expect ordinary water or an ordinary price.  This water is premium priced because of its age and rarity, the extreme difficulty in extracting it, and its humanitarian purpose.  The consumer will not be disappointed.    Exquisite taste.  Extraordinary purpose.  “Be the first.  Taste the Past.  Shape the Future.”  For more information about the company, the product, or to order, see our website at www.tanzamaji.com.


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